Individual Therapy/ Counseling

Navesink Psychological Services provides individual therapy/ counseling to children from preschool age through adults. Individual therapy/ counseling is provided in collaboration with parents/ guardians and families when appropriate. 

Family THerapy


Services are provided to the family unit as a group to support parenting, sibling relationships, and improve healthy family dynamics.

Evaluations are provided for learning disabilities, social/ emotional concerns, ADHD, behavioral concerns, and other disabilities.


Special Education consultation & advocacy



The world of special education can be confusing and complicated. The staff at Navesink Psychological Services can assist families in understanding the process and advocate on their behalf. Dr. Strobel currently works as a school psychologist. In that capacity he has served as a member of the intervention and referral services committee (I&RS), as well as helping develop 504 plans.





Navesink Psychological Services offers its services to schools, teams, local governments, religious organizations, Boy/ Girl Scouts, and other organizations. We are available to speak on a variety of topics including how to navigate the special education system, how to help your child be successful in school, how to achieve success in sports, how to include children with a specific disabilities, and numerous other topics.

Organizational Consultation & Program Planning


Staff are available to speak with organizations about program planning for children with special needs, how to create inclusive programs for children with special needs, and troubleshooting existing programs.